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What People Say About Us - Testimonials

Since opening in 1997, we have continuously hit the headlines of local newspapers for successfully treated certain chronic conditions. The following are a few quoted from news papers and some patients.

Thank you cards from a Happy Couples (treatment of infertility)

Just to let you know that I am now officially 7 weeks pregnant. I had a scan at the hospital yesterday and we saw the baby's heartbeat. I don't think this would have happened without your great help. Many many thanks.

love from H

We're absolutely delighted that, after only three months of treatment, we are now expecting a baby. The acupuncture plus herbs have made we fell better and more relaxed than I have for a long time. We are very grateful to your help.


I am absolutely amazed at the result - after 4 years of trying to get pregnant, 2 years spent having expensive and intrusive infertility treatment, 2 months of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and I am pregnant naturally!! Such a shock.

I have already highly recommended acupuncture on an infertility site and will consider it myself whenever I feel I need any medical help in the future.

Thank you so much. FK.

How right it was to place out trust and hope into your practice. Our expectations have been exceeded by your genuine kindness and concern and the imense commitment shown to help us achieve our pregnancy. We are extremely grateful for all that you have done - our eternal thanks to you. It's such a wonderful feeling to be on top of the world!!

love from CP & MR

Treating Illnesses in an Ancient Traditional Way

(The treatment of hay fever) ... Mrs Marry Rogerson, of Burnage, has been suffering from hay fever for many years and had to take steroids with unpleasant side effects for three months a year. After a consultation with Mrs Wang, she began a six-week course of Chinese medicine.

After two weeks, the symptoms were considerably reduced and, following another two weeks' medicine, they had vanished completely.

Now You Can Look Your Best for the Festive Season

(The treatment of backpain) ... Mr Davison of Craig Road, Stockport, has been suffering from back pain for many years due to a slipped disc. This prevented him from working or even lifting a shopping bag. He also suffers from sciatic pain and neck ache. When he could not suffer the pain any more, Mr Davison went to see Hongwei Wang at Heaton Acupuncture Clinic near Stockport.

After six weeks' treatments, he can now do most of his normal work again, has stopped taking painkillers and his other symptoms have also disappeared.

Mrs Hongwei Wang specializes in traditional Chinese medicine. She explained that backaches are a common pathology among people everywhere. Thanks to the Westward expansion of traditional Chinese medicine, people everywhere are coming to appreciate the age old medical wisdom of the Orient, especially in regards to back pain. As a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, she has happily seen many patients benefit from this ancient art. ...

Chinese Medicine

(The treatment of asthma and allergy) Mum Roxana Shehzadi was very pleased by the Chinese medicine given to her baby girl with asthma, Annisa and she described how Chinese medicine cured her three-year-old daughter from Asthma.

She says "Annisa was allergic to many flavours, like strawberry, lemon, orange and tomato since she was five mouth old. We have to mention this to her G.P. every time to make sure that there are no such flavours in the prescription."

She added "Annisa regularly needed an inhaler up to three or four times a day. She also needed sleeping tablets to help sleeping. She used to have a very poor appetite because of the tablets she took and the lack of good sleep.

"Having tried desperately for a year without improvements, we started to see Mrs Wang at her Chinese medicine clinic in Stockport, travelling more than 35 miles. After taking herbal medicine for six weeks, Annisa could go to sleep without sleeping tablets and her appetite became much better. She does not need an inhaler regularly and can take any kind of flavours without trouble."

(The treatment of arthritis) ... David Barlow of Woodley, Stockport, has been suffering from irritation of the cartilage behind the kneecap for a long time, and this has led to pain and swelling in his right knee.

He said "This joint-pain caused me a lot of trouble because as a decorator, I need kneel and bend down -- changing my positions all the time. The severe pain and stiffness made it difficult for me to carry out my work properly."

He tried a number of treatments none of which were very helpful. But just five weeks treatment at Heaton Clinic of Acupuncture in Stockport, the pain and swelling disappeared and Mr Barlow could work normally again. ...

Chinese Medicine Clears Youngster's Eczema

(The treatment of eczema) A MUM is singing the praises of ancient Chinese medicine that cured her little boy of harrowing case of eczema. ... She said: "He would constantly wake at night and had make sure he wore gloves to prevent him scratching himself. He had poor appetite and was constipated. It was a very stressful time for all the family." She then went to see Mrs Wang whose initial treatment with a combination of herbs had a stunning effect. ... After four weeks treatment - once a week, the condition cleared. ...


(The treatment of period pain or dysmenorrhea) ... Miss H, age 27, suffered from period pain since the age of 13 and over the last ten years found she had to take painkillers increasingly. Lately, she had also suffered from irregular period, constipation, short-temperedness and PMT. She had been taking up to 10 painkillers a day and still felt the pain.

She went to see Mrs Hongwei Wang, a practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine, who has clinics in Stockport and Audenshaw. After an initial treatment using a combination of herbs, her pain was significantly reduced. After one month's treatment (once a week), Miss H did not need the painkillers.

"The herbs have made my body so much more comfortable", she reported. After a few months treatment, the problem was cured, she was much more relaxed with people and her period become normal. ...

A Health Option

(The treatment of baby with eczema) ... When Annette Thomas's baby son Lucian developed eczema, her first response was to take him to their G.P. However, despite trying with various creams, the child still suffering a year later, and the itching caused him many troubled nights. Mrs Thomas then took Lucian to see Mrs Hongwei Wang, who has a clinic in Audenshaw.

"After the first treatment with a combination of herbs, the infected skin was much improved and Lucian was sleeping much better," reports Mrs Thomas. "After four weeks of once-a-week treatment the skin had returned almost normal colour and the itching had ceased. I could not believe how these herbs had worked wonders on my child."

Just Aching to Play

(The treatment of stiffness, pain and aching) ... Peter Kenwright, golf pro at Haydock Park ... following repeated trauma to his back he had become exceedingly stiff, causing him limitation of movement, pain and aching.

... "I have used the services of Hongwei Wang, a Chinese Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Using occasional acupuncture and drinking herbal tea daily helps relax my muscles and ligaments leading to reduced tension throughout my body." ...

Manage Your Migraine

(The treatment of migraine) ... The principle of treatment for migraine in Chinese medicine is to restore harmony between various organs within the human body as well as between the body and surrounding environment. Acupuncture is a method, which can unblock the energy channel of the body and regulate the functions of liver and heart. ...

The Chinese Way to Handle Stress

(The treatment of stress or depression) ... Mrs Hongwei Wang, who recently relocated her clinic from Great Portwood Street to 92 Didsbury Road, Stockport, has a very high successful rate of treating stress and related complaints such as migraine, psoriasis, and various pains.

She said: "Many patients suffering from diseases such stress, eczema, arthritis and some men's and women's complaints, which modern medicine seems less able to help, can benefit from Chinese medicine. Recent survey shows that about quarter of various patients have tried alternative medicine and 40% of GP's have made a referral to such a practitioner." ...

Tune in to Your Qi Energy

(The treatment of hair loss) ... Susan, 45, a Computer Consultant from Bramhall was suffering from PMT, asthma, eczema and constipation and was taking painkillers and steroid regularly. She started lose her hair last summer and lost two-thirds of it after a few weeks, with no improvements made by her G.P. or specialists.

After about two months of Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment with Mrs Wang, new hairs grew in 90% the hair-lose area and the PMT and Eczema were almost cured.

She said: "In the last five years, I had been taken varies painkillers regularly. Although they stopped the pain, they made me feel anxious, stressful and tired. I am really grateful to the Chinese medicine, which has made my life much more enjoyable.

"I have the confidence both mentally and physically now, which is important to do my job professionally."

(The treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS) ... Mrs Bell, 60, from Scotland, was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), backache and poor sleep. She had been taking six different medicines regularly from her G.P. in the last five years, but without solving the problems. She also had little energy and could not do the housework.

After a few weeks treatment at Heaton Acupuncture Clinic, all the symptoms have gone. She now feels very energetic and able to manage her housework.

She said: "I am a new woman now! That is why I travel 50 miles every two weeks to have acupuncture and herbal medicine."

Can Chinese Medicine Help You?

(The treatment of a child with eczema) ... When Mrs. Azma's four month old daughter Sabrina developed eczema, her first response was to take her to their G.P., as any mother would. However, after trying with various creams and portion for years and years, the eczema was still there.

Since November last year, Mrs. Azma of Nelson turned to traditional Chinese medicine clinic run by Mrs Hongwei Wang in Stockport. "Sabrina was put on a course of Chinese herbal medicine when she was eight years old," said the mother. "After four treatment of once a week with a combination of herbs, the infected skin was much improved and Sabrina sleeps well in the night. After another four weeks' treatment, the infected skin became almost normal colour and no longer itching. Now her skin is the same as my other children, after suffering from eczema for eight years."